Date: February 24, 2015   Location: New York City


"IIF Americas had a great line-up of speakers and did a great job addressing some of the key issues and opportunities facing our industry today and into the future.’"
Alex Darden, Director, EQT


Focus and Agenda

Event Focus 2014

The Americas region has seen some robust infrastructure M&A activity in 2013 with energy, ports and transport identified as among the areas seeing some of the region’s most interesting deals.  And while there have also been some more challenging transactions this has not diminished the enthusiasm of both foreign and home-grown investors with many identifying the US and Canada in their future investment strategies as among their target markets.

Latin America too has seen a great deal of active involvement with core markets like Brazil continuing to offer opportunities while new market such as Mexico and Colombia are becoming ever more attractive.

Agenda highlights

IIF Americas 2014 will feature keynote presentations and panel discussions on topics of crucial importance to the region’s infrastructure industry including:

  • Market snapshot 2013/14 – The state of North America infrastructure investing
  • The Midstream market’s opportunities – Strategies and new and old sectors
  • Energy generation and infrastructure investors – deal flow an deal drivers
  • Restructuring of infrastructure projects – lessons from different markets
  • Institutional investors – strategic challenges and opportunities
  • Latin America – new markets and approaches
  • Infrastructure visionaries panel – the future of North American infrastructure investing

Why You Don't Want To Miss IIF Americas 2014

  • Meet the leading infrastructure investors, including pension, endowment & government fund managers, insurance companies and other institutional investment managers.
  • Meet investors from outside North America including Australia, Canada and Europe with an international perspective.
  • Find out what investors are saying about the infrastructure asset class in a mix of panel discussions and keynote presentations.
  • Learn about the latest M&A opportunities in sectors like midstream energy infrastructure and transportation.
  • Understand the changing macro-economic outlook and implications on infrastructure investments.
  • Review landmark deals in detail - how were they financed and structured?

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